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Secure Purchases 

  • Site Security
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  • Excellent reviews from satisfied customers
  • Data Protection

Premium quality goods 

  • Top Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Effective and Original Drugs
  • Medical Grade Quality

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  • Regular Discount offers
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  • We work without any delays
  • We deliver throughout the United Kingdom
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We have been operating since 2009 and began our first online store in March 2015. During that time two of our domains for this site were blocked but now you can find us again here on http://ukgear.store!

We are now established as a credible seller in the market with affordable prices and a wide range of original products. Our online catalogue has over 200 items and is constantly updated with the new products from some of the top sports pharmacology manufacturers. Our track history in providing a reliable and satisfactory shopping experience for athletes locally, speaks for itself. The online store now brings you easy access to our amazing product range.

SECURE SHOPPING at ukgear.store


Our site is protected by a secure SSL data protection system. SSL is a cryptographic protocol that provides secure communications. We are aware of the risks associated with buying steroids online but you can be rest assured your transaction is safe. This technology safeguards your personal information and guarantees privacy.

For security reasons, our order history is not conducted by a private office user. If you lose your account or get locked out, no unauthorized person will have access to any of the information regarding purchasing and accordingly will not be able to produce or order anything.

For security reasons your personal information or your order history can never be accessed (or audited) by a private entity. If you lose your account login information or get locked out, no authorized persons will have access to your account payment details for them or be able to purchase any products.


We guarantee the reshipping of lost orders.

If a parcel gets lost by the fault of the mail, you will be sent a photo of the postal receipt. At the post office, you can use this to write a statement about the lost parcel with your proof of purchase. If you are unable to track the lost order, please confirm with us the fact of your unsuccessful delivery by sending us a scan of the official email reply from the postal services provider. We will then resend your order at our own expense, with only the cost of delivery being charged to you if necessary.

If the delivery is received but is badly damaged or seems unfit for use, you can send us a video of you opening the package. In this case, we will refund the loss in a subsequent order or immediately send a replacement (where you will only pay for the postage fee). Therefore, we always recommend you take a video each time that you are open a parcel in case of any damaged items.

100% customer satisfaction

In continuing to provide a highly-rated service, we take our customer feedback seriously. Check out our reviews on forums, legitimate rating websites or related websites on the topic of anabolic steroids (such as 400kg.org, beliyspisok.ru, forum.anabolicshops.com). Our excellent reviews are testament to the overall satisfaction of our customers.

After ordering with us, be sure to leave a review and share your own experiences online, rovided you don’t violate the rules of the forum or rating page. As our guest, your review will be never censored. We strive to continually improve our services and our relationships with our customers and appreciate all types of honest feedback, both positive and negative, on ways to improve our highly-rated services.



Our ukgear.store website features new products and brands from world-leading producers that have been proven to be genuine and effective for a long time. From our customer feedback and also frequent testing of products ourselves, we further ensure the quality of products we source from the best established producers, including new brands.

Among them are licensed pharmaceutical companies that also produce some of the highest quality medical drugs, such as, Balkan Pharmaceuticals, Dynamic Development Laboratories, Maxtreme, Dragon Pharma, Alpha Pharma, BM Pharma and Magnum Pharmaceuticals. Some of these top manufacturers are also known for producing the highest quality of oil-based suspension to preserve the active substance, ensuring the highest level of confidence in our products.

We only cooperate with reliable suppliers and work directly with the main pharmaceutical manufacturers. This is also reflected in the price, as you will find that self-made counterfeit products sell for next to nothing. Adding only a small mark-up on our supplements, we are able to supply our customers with original pharmaceutical grade steroids at the most affordable prices.


We offer a wide selection of pharmacology for any sporting objectives. You can try our anabolic and androgenic steroids, fat burners, and preparations for post-cycle therapy, such as anti-oestrogens and testosterone boosters, peptide hormones (pro-hormones) and even erectile stimulants. Whether you seek to gain muscle or to lose weight, we have a solution for you!

Our product range is constantly expanding as the sports pharmacology industry finds new and effective medications for athletes.

ORIGINAL-grade products

Our manufacturers use a reliable system of protecting their goods from counterfeiting methods. After receiving your products, you can check directly with the manufacturers that they are original by verifying the unique product code supplied on the side of the packaging on the manufacturers official website.

You can also find out the manufacture date and when your chosen product will expire.

We value our reputation very highly and this is why we do not work with any fake or counterfeit products!



At uk-roids, we do not request a minimum order and purchases can be any amount from £10 to £1,000. All our prices are carefully set to achieve the best possible rates for our clients. To grow our business, we are focused on our service delivery and expanding our customer base, not increasing our profit margins.

Payment orders are made by replenishing our WM-purse. WebMoney is a reputable and most importantly a reliable payment solution.


To accommodate our clients’ needs we have introduced a flexible system of discounts and bonuses dependent on the order amount, as follows:

Free gift – on all orders less than £50
Save 3% - on all orders over £80
Save 5%  - on all orders over £150
Save 7% + free shipping- on all orders over £300
Save 10% + free shipping - on all orders over £500
Save 20% + free shipping - on all orders over £1,000

The system of coupons for sharing with your friends (introduced in the shopping cart) are in limited supply and are reusable on different percentage discounts. As a result of massive, ongoing pharmacy sales our topical preparations offer the highest savings. The current sales range can be found in the category of the same name of the online store.


Our affiliate program at the ukgear.store online store, is one of the best ways to save. After registering your account (or on affiliate program page of the website), you can find your referral link. Share this link with your friends and acquaintances or anyone else, to help them receive 5% off their total purchase order. You will receive an additional referral bonus to your account that can be used on future purchases. These funds do not expire and are tied to the Great British Pound or Euro (which are not affected by inflation), so you can save money this way and spend as you please.



You will receive an email with your order confirmation almost immediately after the purchase order and your detailed instructions for the payment will be sent within 24 hours. Our order process is convenient. Orders are usually dispatched the very next day after the payment has been received (up to 3 days) and you will only have to wait for shipping to your nearest post office. I you would like to confirm or track the progress of your order, you would need to provide the amount and time of payment.


We have an efficient distribution chain operating out of England, United Kingdom and can offer shipping to even the most remote regions of the country (not only in large cities, but also to relatively small towns or country sides).

There is no additional risk of buying sports pharmacology online from warehouses that are inside of the UK. An importers code was introduced in the UK back in 2010 allowing for easier postage between participating countries. The code permits that no custom fees are charged which reduces the risk of any parcels getting lost or seized by customs.


Only delivery and payments methods are used in order to protect our customers (and ourselves) from being tracked. The order can be sent by mail (send 1st class) or by express delivery services such as EMS. At our premises it will be indicated to not contain any "prohibited investments" and will be postmarked "inspected". Before the parcels are sent, all of the goods are carefully packed, with parcel laid paper and scotch tape using several layers. All of this ensures that the process is seamless, integrated and deliveries arrive safely at their destination.

Here at ukgear.store, we are used to working reliably. This means we strive to provide optimal service to our customers so that we never lose our customer’s confidence or deceive them. By only selling the best drugs widely available in our store can we achieve the desired results and customer satisfaction. So if you are looking to buy original and genuine products to meet your desired goals, work with us to achieve success and provide great pharmaceutical grade substances to fellow public sports enthusiasts!

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